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Management for the rest of us


This site is the successor to the management column I wrote for The Observer in the 1990s and Noughties. Over that time what started out as the expression of a few loosely related intuitions and personal opinions turned into something else: what I thought of as ‘Observer management’, or to put it another way, a manifesto, jointly created with readers, for a ‘management for the rest of us’. More on reaching that point (and an alternative name for it) here.

Subsequent events have done nothing to invalidate the management agenda outlined in my last Observer column (here) – indeed, the consequences of not attending to it have turned out to be massively more serious than anticipated. The forms taken by, and uses made of, surveillance capitalism and its state counterpart; globalisation; surging AI technologies; income and job distribution; not to mention growth and productivity, are all determined by what happens in companies, and hidden (and too often unexplored) behind that by the incentives executives making those investment and strategy decisions are subject to. Management and governance are too important to be left to managers – they are macroeconomic issues.

That is what this site is about. Welcome.

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